TheDreadRed, most simply known as Red, is a primary deuteragonist of Project Crynime, and is a member of the Late Night Crew. 

 General Appearance 

 Red, as her name implies, has long, flowing, light scarlet hair, a lock draping over her face. Red also has olive colored eyes, plastic-rimmed glasses, and light skin. Her attire consists of an olive-brown coat with long, slightly darker gloves that completely covers her ring and pinky finger, charcoal-gray pants with a small tear on the left knee, and large, untied, brown leather boots. 

 Role in Crynime 

 Red is a primary deuteragonist of Project Crynime, and a member of the Late Night Crew. 

   **Unknown; to be updated. 

 YouTube Career 

 Red is an avid YouTuber that participates in uploading 'Digital Speed-Painting' Videos, and occasionally plays various games, such as Penumbra, which she claims Russ Money forces her to play. 

 Red also, like that of Cryaotic, participates in hosting a Livestream on Twitch know as Late Night with Cry and Russ, where they participate in playing various multi-player games. 


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